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Marco Serussi is a French fashion brand that is dedicated for men and specialized in developing high end fashion quality with variety of choices. The brand launched the perfumery side in the late 1990s by launching one perfume “MS Homme” the first male fragrance that reflected the brand spirit and surprisingly the same met a huge success among the French male community and the loving wives.

In 2011 Marco Serussi decided to expand the perfumery side of the brand to make sure that it can commit to its mission and values “Best Quality with Variety of Choices”, thus the distribution network was extended to worldwide and the variety of perfume choices were also increased to meet and cater to everyone. Despite the fact that the brand is mainly for men, Marco Serussi perfumes didn’t neglect the women and devoted some perfumes for ladies as a token of appreciation to all women in the world.

The fragrances formulate a stylish story between the chic modern perfumes and the classic ones. The brand spirit revolves around the innovative long lasting aromas that are wrapped in a glamorous packaging to evoke the nice, charming and pleasant memories.

The Baron Joe family has been in the perfume business since the 12th century, in fact they don’t come from a noble family and the Baron name is only a surname which at the time caused a lot of problems for them. Baron Joe was the private stylist for Robert Fitzroy, the illegitimate son of King Henry1 of England. They used to live in Cardiff Castle in Wales city center which now turned into a hotel and still exists. One of the grand sons of Baron Joe wanted to revive the family legacy and start again the perfume business, they started on a small scale by providing private fragrances for the big families in France and UK.
In 2010 Baron Joe decided to go public and startetd their own perfumery house through the best French perfumery manufacturers in France, at the beginning the strategy was to create perfumes for short terms and don’t repeat the production but that was against the client’s wish. Today Baron Joe commits to the perfumery industry with the first two catalogue references and a lot to come.

Louis Varel is a French perfumery brand that was created by Zenith Parfums Paris, a leading French company in manufacturing the world- beauty brands that pursuit quality and refinement.Louis Varel perfumes have wide range of classics and modern perfumes with true heritage of excellence and brilliance.Louis varel insight into the fragrance world and the understanding of the marketplace give it the knowhow to drive and create some of the most iconic collections.

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